Permaculture Design Firms Around the World

[guest post from Roots to Fruits blogger Mark Angelini]
Are you looking for a permaculture designer to transform your home, business, or institution into a thriving oasis of sustainability? I’ve assembled an initial list of all the permaculture design firms in the world (that I could quickly and easily find online). The graphic was created using VUE Mindmapping software. I’ve compiled these from one hours worth of research, so if you know of any firms missing from this list, please add your business name and website link in the comments!
Don’t see your permaculture design firm listed? Add the name and website link in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Permaculture Design Firms Around the World

  1. Thank you what a great job you have done

    1. Thanks for the feedback! Are there any professional permaculture firms in Aus that we missed?

  2. Love the list! Hoping you could add us to your compilation of design firms.

  3. Good day, thanks for the attention to this topic. LoaTree is an eco-lifestyle company that uses permaculture principles with all of our sustainable business clients in Southern California.

    We are based on a permauculture ranch/farm in Santa Barbara County called Orella Ranch(.com).


    Whole systems land use planning and design, utilizing permaculture principles

    Great idea – thanks for the listing!

  5. Hi, Ethan and Mark. Barefoot Edible Landscape & Permaculture is now ready to be listed, too. I hope to see you again soon.

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