Panya Project Smorgasbord

A slew of fresh photos from the incredible Panya Project in northern Thailand, where we’re 9 days into a Permaculture Design Certification Course…

In the mud-pit, the class mixes up a fresh batch of adobe for brick-making & earth-plastering. Clay, sand, rice hulls, water, and feet.Geoffroy

Students pour adobe into 4x8x16″ brick forms. On a good morning the Panya crew makes 150 bricks. Many of the structures on site are built from 1200-1500 bricks. These will sun-dry…
Everything you see in this food forest was planted 2 years ago. Incredible how quickly things grow in the tropics!
In the food forest, wow. Papaya. We just don’t grow fruit this big in the temperate climate. Wait till you see the jackfruit.
One of the many fast-growing nitrogen-fixing shrub species — a pioneer species to provide shade and improve the soil for the longer-term tree crops.
The fruits of tropical labor — Parkie brews up a ginger-chile wine named “The Ginger Temptress”.

More from the Panya Permaculture Course soon! Also check out for the ongoing COMPOST SAGA —->

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